Manufacturer of Mannequins, USA

Articulated or Flexible Display Mannequins for Sale

Articulated male display mannequin standing articulated female display mannequin standing

We manufacture and sale display mannequins including; articulated mannequins, tension joint fiberglass mannequins, flexible foam mannequins, and custom mannequin displays of various styles. Our mannequins for sale of standard display mannequins is large and can be customized to fit your needs. We even have Clearance and Used mannequins for sale or Rental Mannequins for short notice supply needs.

Capabilities are not limited to display mannequins or forms as we also design, customize and fabricate props and special effects for every industry imaginable. Our artists can give you a look, pose, or design that will be sure to please your budget and your requirements. We even repair mannequins of all types.

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