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Custom Design a Mannequin To Meet 
The Needs Of Your Project

Our mannequins are celebrities. They have been showcased or used in various films. You might have seen some of them already, but didn't notice. 
Apart from the movies,  commercials, tv shows, and special effects, our articulated mannequins are being used in trade shows, retail, court cases, sports presentations, military, museums, safety training and an unlimited amount of other entities
Our custom m

                                                           In a hurry?
Don't worry because Ruben's Display World can meet your demand. We can do a small or large production of these articulated mannequins. You just need to let us know when you need them and how many, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that your timeline is met.   The best part is the customer service. 
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Ruben's Display World, uses only high-quality materials and skilled labor  for our mannequins. All our products are made in the USA.
Our Manniquin Types
We Offer Custom Services

We are able to create the most realistic and quality mannequins on all scales, from miniature to oversize

Custom Design a Mannequin To Meet 
the Needs Of Your Project 

On a budget?
Choose from a range of new and used mannequins for sale to make an effective visual impact, with the least amount of cost . Our company can also design some that are flexible for easy positioning or have locking joints to hold heavy objects. We create custom mannequins manufactured for museums, movie sets, and trade shows, etc.
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