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30 Years Of Quality and Expertise in Mannequin Repair Restoration, design and Production

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Articulated Displays 
Our Focus On Quality has Kept Us Going For 30 Years 
Ruben's Display World in Ontario, California, is a U.S.-based manufacturer and retailer of display mannequins. We specialize in articulated, tension joint fiberglass, and flexible foam mannequins as well as those that are tailor-made with silicone for realism and unbreakable materials for military applications.
We started by repairing them for department stores all over the country. However, as retail stores were sold or closed, we began fabricating mannequins that were not available elsewhere. As overseas companies began to infiltrate the U.S. mannequin market, we continued to thrive because our customer base changed.
One Of A Kind
Although we are still in the repair business, our company also makes these forms for movies and commercials, as well as museums, which are time-consuming and require attention to detail. We design flexible mannequins for industries where pose changes are needed for efficiency and effectiveness. Choose from mannequins with motors added for movement, speakers for sounds, and crystal resin for invisibility.
Custom Mannequins
​Made in the USA
The Best Around Since 1985
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We only provide quality mannequin products that are durable at a competitive price. If high-grade mannequins are what you need, Ruben's Display World is the best place to get them.
Initially, we repaired mannequins for department stores all over the US and fabricated articulated mannequins. Over the years, overseas companies saw a huge potential in this business and started coming in and promoting their products. 
we decided to take on the challenge and continue to make our presence felt in this thriving business. For now, we focus our expertise in designing flexible mannequins for industries that need mannequins with motors.