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Tension Joint Mannequins

These units are made of fiberglass and have tension joints to allow for limited movements. The arms are removable and can be moved up by tightening a nut/bolt combination. You can move the elbows by just holding the forearm and it will stay in position. You can move the legs at hips by grabbing the upper leg section and pushing or pulling depending where you want it to go and the same with the knee. Again there is a nut and bolt that holds these together and can be tightened to hold the position. Caution: Do not tighten too much or you can crack the fiberglass. These mannequins can sit, stand, kneel, etc. They are available with multiple base and head options, plus unlimited finishes. If you have a specific need that requires flexibility with weight support, please Contact Us to obtain a price quote and delivery.

tension joint male mannequin
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tension joint female mannequin
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