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Articulated Mannequins With Patented Lockable Joints
If you need a male mannequin with proper looks and poses to create an effective visual impact, choose a "patented articulated mannequin"  They are designed with spring-loaded ratchet joints so that you can position to lock into place for holding heavy objects for realistic displays. The hip joints are a unique design that allow for outward or lateral movement of the legs. 
Advantages Of Articulated Mannequins
These mannequins are made with replaceable heads that give you unlimited options, and the hands can be fixed or flexible for a myriad of poses. We offer finishes that range from skin tone to any color imaginable to match any project you have. 
Flexible Foam Mannequins
Our flexible foam mannequins have internal metal frames that allow movement in most directions. They come with a silicone, foam or dragon skin covering, which produces a skin-like feel. The internal frame is made with tension so you can position the limbs and body by moving the parts where needed. You can choose from many options for this type of custom mannequin depending on your requirements.
One Of A Kind
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Custom Mannequins
​Made in the USA